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At Sansone, we are proud to offer Carrier® products to all of our customers. We choose Carrier® because they offer quality innovation at a reasonable price. They have products designed for every home or business situation we can imagine, and everything they make is of the highest quality.

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Who is Carrier®?

Carrier® is an HVAC company that believes comfort goes beyond simple temperature regulation, though that is one key factor. Instead, they believe that people are comfortable when they feel safe. That’s why they aim to keep the air you’re breathing clean and healthy, too.

Carrier® wants you to feel confident no matter where you are. Their goal is to help you live and work well by giving you fresh, clean air at a temperature that is always just right.


Sansone is an Authorized Carrier® Dealer

Sansone is proud to be an Authorized Carrier® Dealer. We know these products inside and out and we can make them work for you!

We are also proud of the fact that we have been honored with the Carrier® President’s Award 9 times! That’s more than any other Carrier® dealer in South Florida. This award honors the top 1% of all Carrier® dealers in both the United States and Canada. It means that we can get you the Carrier® products you need.

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Why We Choose Carrier®

We choose affiliation with Carrier® for so many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Energy-efficiency. Carrier® prioritizes using energy well, while never leaving you uncomfortable. Their equipment is designed to only draw energy when energy is needed, so you aren’t left paying for energy you’re not using. It’s good stewardship of the earth’s resources, too!
  • Comfort always. Carrier® products give you more control over your home’s environment than you can get anywhere else. You can tweak temperature, humidity, filtration, and more, so you’ll always be in an environment that works for you. Their products run quietly, too, so noise pollution is never a problem.
  • Control, control, control. Carrier® wants you to be able to adjust your home’s environment, even if you aren’t there. Their products work with a specially-designed smart thermostat so you can make tweaks in real time even if you aren’t home. The visual display helps you see everything so you can envision the way small changes make a big difference.
  • Quality first. Carrier® offers all of these features, plus high-quality technology that lasts for a long time. We know that you don’t want to replace your home’s heating and cooling any more than is absolutely necessary, so we always install a brand we know and trust.

We choose Carrier® because we believe they offer the very best products for our customers…customers just like you!


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