Electrical Inspection Checklist for Homeowners

Electrical wiring tends to be out of sight and out of mind for most homeowners. But within the walls of the average 2,000 square foot home you’ll often find thousands of feet of linear wire!

With that in mind, it’s important for homeowners to be aware of electrical wiring when 1) inspecting the wiring in their home and 2) before performing any home projects that may come in contact with the electrical wiring.

5 Things That Should Be On Every Homeowner’s Electrical Inspection Checklist

An electrical inspection checklist can help you inspect the electrical system in your home while remaining as safe as possible. Here are five things that should be included on yours.

1. Electrical Service Panel

The electrical service panel is the center of electricity in every home. Located on a wall inside or outside of the home, the electrical service panel contain breakers (or sometimes fuses) and wires that create circuits throughout your house.

When inspecting your electrical service panel, watch out for the following and add them to your electrical inspection checklist:

  • Noticeable damage
  • Loose breakers
  • Breakers that are warm or hot
  • Burning or charring
  • No main disconnect switch

2. Aluminum Wiring

Lots of homes have aluminum wiring. And although most remain safe for years, aluminum wiring does come with its share of problems. For starters, if a home has aluminum wiring, it’s probably at least 40 years old and in need of an update. Aluminum also isn’t as dense as copper so it doesn’t conduct energy as well. This means that over time, aluminum can expand and contract, resulting in a potential fire hazard.

If you’re going through your electrical inspection checklist, be cautious of any aluminum wiring you encounter.

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3. Service Panels Made by Federal Pacific

Next time you’re running through your electrical wiring checklist, take a look at the brand of service panel you have. If the service panel was made by Federal Pacific, it may require a more detailed inspection since many of them are defective and could be a potential fire hazard.

4. Overlamping

Overlamping is when a homeowner puts a higher wattage light bulb in a lamp than what is recommended. Although this isn’t necessarily an electrical problem, it can become a fire hazard if the fixture heats up and starts to melt. When checking the electric in your home, we recommend you pay special attention to each lighting fixture.

5. GFCI Protection

In “wet” areas of your home like a bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room, outlets need to have ground fault circuit interrupter protection or GFCI. This simple upgrade can prevent a dangerous situation in the future.

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