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Spring AC Maintenance

Spring AC Maintenance

With spring’s rising temperatures and increased humidity, your AC is working harder to cool your home. Because of this, it needs to be maintained in order to ensure your home remains cool and comfortable. But, what can you do for AC Maintenance this spring? Is there anything that doesn’t require the professionals? After all, your AC is a complex system — where do you even start?

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Homeowner’s Checklist for Spring AC Maintenance

While AC maintenance can seem like a daunting task, there are actually a few simple things you can do on your own — regardless of your HVAC expertise. Our spring AC maintenance checklist is here to help:

  1. Change your air filters
  2. Clean your air vents
  3. Clean your AC drain line
  4. Clean your AC’s condenser coils
  5. Check your AC fan
  6. Test your thermostat
  7. Schedule professional AC maintenance

1. Change Your Air Filters

Do you remember the last time you changed your air filters? Changing them is easy and should be part of your regular AC maintenance. As your AC system runs, dirt, dander, hair, and other contaminants can build up on your filter. We recommend changing your air filters about once a month — however, the frequency of how often you change your air filters is highly dependent upon your living situation. Learn how often you should change your air filters.

2. Clean Your Air Vents

Your air vents are an important component of your HVAC system. Without them, cooled air wouldn’t be able to reach the rooms in your home. Keeping your air vents clean is not only a crucial part of ensuring your home’s comfort but it’s also important for good indoor air quality. Fortunately, cleaning your air vents is something you can easily do yourself. Haven’t cleaned your air vents before? Our step-by-step guide can help.

3. Clean Your AC Drain Line

Most AC drain lines are located outside, near the condenser unit. But, what does the AC drain line do? Your HVAC system controls humidity in your home by removing moisture from the air. This moisture collects as condensation on your system’s evaporator coil. The condensation drips into a pan, which then goes through the AC drain line before it exits outside of your home. While this liquid is the only thing that flows through the AC drain line, it can accumulate debris over time — causing your AC to work less efficiently. Fortunately, regularly cleaning your AC drain line is something you can do on your own easily. Learn how to clean your AC drain line in six steps.

4. Clean Your AC’s Condenser Coils

Your condenser coils are located within the outdoor component of your AC unit. They work in conjunction with your system’s evaporator coil to remove heat from your home. Because they are outside, they can accumulate debris like dirt, grass, and leaves that can hinder your AC’s ability to function. Cleaning your condenser coils regularly helps improve your AC’s efficiency and ensures the lifespan of your system. Learn how to clean your condenser coils in five easy steps.

5. Check Your AC Fan

Your AC fan is located in the condenser unit outside your home. To check if it’s working, you’ll have to walk outside and examine the fan through the vents of the condenser unit. If your AC fan is not working, you will not feel air coming out of your vents and this is a problem that could cause your AC coils to freeze. Therefore, it’s important that your fan is working properly to ensure the health and lifespan of your system. Learn how to check your AC fan in seven steps.

6. Test Your Thermostat

As part of your AC maintenance, you’ll want to test your thermostat to make sure it’s running properly. This is helpful to catch problems before your AC shuts off. Some signs that indicate your thermostat is not functioning properly are if the display is unresponsive or blank. If the display is encountering these issues, it may indicate that the thermostat batteries need to be replaced. Learn how to test your thermostat in nine easy steps.

7. Call an HVAC Professional

While you can accomplish many HVAC maintenance issues on your own, complications to your system require expert assistance. At Sansone, we have an entire team of skilled HVAC technicians who will perform a variety of maintenance tasks to ensure your AC is in optimal condition. With our AC maintenance contract, staying on top of AC maintenance is simple and will provide you and your home with benefits for years to come.

AC Maintenance in South Florida

Maintaining your air conditioning system doesn’t have to be a daunting task, which is why we’re on a mission to demystify the system that keeps you cool. For more DIY maintenance projects and AC hacks, check out our blog — and when you’d rather leave air conditioning tasks to the professionals, contact Sansone for all of your AC needs.

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