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What is a Zoned AC System?

What is a Zoned AC System?

Zoned AC systems allow you to divide your home into two or more cooling zones — making it an ideal solution for larger properties.  Setting up a zoned system requires controlled dampers and electronic thermostats to be installed, which are responsible for controlling each zone. But, is a zoned AC system right for your home? What are the benefits? Here’s what you need to know.

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Installing a Zoned AC System

While there are some AC projects you can take on yourself, installing a zoned system is better left to the HVAC professionals. Depending on your home’s current HVAC setup, zoned systems are available in ducted or ductless models. Zoned AC systems work best in large homes with multiple levels, or for homeowners who desire different temperature controls throughout the house.

Is a Zoned AC System Right for Me?

If you’re wondering whether or not a zoned ac system is right for you, consider the following points:

  • You’re tired of experiencing uneven cooling in your home
  • You want greater temperature controls of different rooms and floors
  • You live in a large, two or multi-story home
  • You want to reduce your energy consumption

If you can relate to some or all of these points, a zoned AC system may be right for your South Florida home.

Benefits of Installing a Zoned AC System

There are a couple of compelling reasons to install a zoned system:

Reduced Cooling Costs

Zoned AC systems improve energy efficiency, therefore minimizing your energy consumption and lowering overall costs. With a zoned system set up, your AC will also not have to work as hard to achieve the desired temperatures, therefore prolonging your system’s longevity.

Increased Comfort

Are you ready to never feel uncomfortable in your home again? A zoned AC system can ensure the comfort of your entire family. Many homeowners complain of stuffy, humid rooms, and desire even temperatures throughout their home. We get it! At Sansone, we believe comfort is key, especially in our homes. With a zoned AC system, all members of your household can have a say in what temperature they prefer for their rooms, and comfort will never have to be compromised again.

Zoned AC System Installations in South Florida

If you’re ready for a zoned air conditioning system, let our Sansone installation consultants show you how you can start saving money right away.

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