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If there’s one thing certain about living in both Massachusetts and Connecticut, it’s that the weather is never certain. You might be dealing with a snowstorm one week and 75-degree heat the next. The Springfield area sees bitterly cold winters, scorching summers, and everything in between. To make it through the year comfortably, you’ll need to make sure your home is prepared for any sort of weather.

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What does weatherization mean?

Weatherization is a blanket term for a wide range of improvements that will protect your home’s exterior and interior from the weather. It typically includes services such as winterization, particularly important for Connecticut’s secondary homes. There’s a lot of work that goes into weatherizing a home, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Our weatherization services

To keep your house safe from frozen pipes and sprinklers in the winter, you will definitely need winterization services. And when you come back to your home in the summer for the good days, you will need to make sure your house is fully functional again as well! Sansone offers home weatherization programs designed for Massachusetts and Connecticut homeowners. Here’s a few things we can do for you:


Both Connecticut and Massachusetts residents know that the winters can be very harsh and many leave to warmer states in the winter as a consequence. However, leaving your home to the cold without preparations can leave you with unforeseen problems when you return on warmer days. If you home has a pipe leak and it freezes over, the pipe might end up breaking completely and you might be in for an expensive repair. Make sure your house is fully prepared for the winter. We offer winterization services in CT and MA, including sprinkler winterization.

Sealing Leaks

For the most part, both winterization and weatherization as a whole is concerned with plugging any leaks in your home. Water leaks are the easier sort to spot because there’s obvious evidence in the form of a drip or a puddle. Generally speaking, water leaks are found in the foundation or in the roof.

Air leaks are quite a bit harder to find because, by definition, they’re invisible. However, it’s possible to feel air leaks in the form of drafty rooms in the winter or hot spots in the summer. Air leaks cause more than just physical discomfort: they allow unconditioned air to infiltrate your home, creating extra work for your heating and air conditioning systems. Over time, that means you’ll spend more on energy as well as increased wear on those systems.

Both types of leaks are more common in older homes, but that doesn’t mean new houses are immune. Indeed, construction itself is a source of many air leaks, as builders, electricians, plumbers, and less-aware HVAC contractors drill holes and create openings to run wiring, pipe, and ductwork. Over time, many building materials naturally expand and contract, leaving cracks that can cause air or water leaks, in turn leading to broken pipes after a freeze for example. Inadequate insulation is also a problem in many homes, leaving them ill-prepared for a winter chill.

Sansone can provide the right weatherization services to prevent such occurrences and keep your home safe and sound, no matter the season!

Finding and Fixing

Sansone’s free energy performance evaluation will help you identify the key areas in your home that need to be weatherized. It provides homeowners with a prioritized list of improvements, including a series of estimated up-front costs and long-term savings. We’ll use thorough tests and specialized equipment to find even small leaks, then recommend ways to patch them up for a big decrease in energy usage.

The great thing about weatherization is that it’s largely a “one-and-done” fix. While new air leaks may continue to emerge over time, your home will stay weatherized for the most part once it has been weatherized. That means you’ll be saving energy for a long time, and the sooner you have those improvements made, the bigger the savings.

At Sansone, we’ve been helping Springfield homeowners be more comfortable for over five decades, and we know the types of houses in our service area inside and out. Give us a call and take that first step toward preparing your home for the seasons ahead.

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