How to Adjust Water Heater Temperature

When was the last time you thought about adjusting the temperature in your water heater? The reality is that even though the water heater is essential for daily tasks such showering, laundry, running the dishwasher, and washing your hands, most people don’t wonder if they should adjust the settings. As long as it works, why change anything?

How about saving money?

Adjusting the temperature in your water heater can translate into lower energy bills. This is because heating up your water accounts for about 18% to 20% of your utility bill, and water heater manufacturers often use a default setting that’s higher than what the average home needs.

How to Adjust Your Water Heater’s Temperature

Before getting started, look in your junk drawer or file cabinet for the water heater’s instruction manual. While they’re generally a bore to read, they are included with the heater for a reason. You want to avoid any safety hazards at all costs.

How to Adjust Gas Heater Temperature

Once you take all of the recommended precautions locate the valve (if it’s not in an obvious spot, it’s placement should be included in the manual).

The ideal temperature range is between 115 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit (46-48 degrees Celcius).

This temperature is perfect for to two reasons: It’ll heat water efficiently while at the same time avoid overheating the tank.

How to Adjust Electric Heater Temperature

Step 1. Shut off the power source.

Step 2. Locate the thermostats (some electric models have two of them) on the side of the heater. If there are two, one will be above the other.

Step 3. Using a screwdriver, remove both covers.

Step 4. Using a coin, flathead screwdriver, or any tool that will allow you to adjust the temperature knob, lower the temperature to the same temperature range recommended above: 115 to 120F (46-48C).

Step 5. Set the bottom thermostat at a slightly lower temperature than the thermostat above. Just make sure that they’re both within the recommended range.

If after adjusting the thermostats, you still have issues with the temperature of the water, or if your water heater continues to overheat, call your professional Sansone plumber to help.

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