How to Choose the Best Showerhead

Taking a shower can be the best or worst part of your grooming routine depending on the quality of your showerhead. Most of us would prefer to start or end our day with a relaxing shower, but things like poor water pressure and low water volume can make for a lackluster shower.

Your shower experience should be a good one, which is why we recommend putting a little forethought into which showerhead your invest in. With all of the makes and models available to homeowners, choosing the right showerhead can feel more daunting than necessary, which is why we’ve done the work for you.

Before you head out to your local hardware store or turn to Amazon, check out our foolproof guide on how to choose the best showerhead.

4 Types of Showerheads

There are lots of ways you can customize your shower to fit your needs, but most showerheads fall into one of four categories:

1. Standard wall-mounted showerheads

Standard wall-mounted showerheads are a good choice for homeowners on a tight budget or those who want a simple update for their bathroom.

Wall-mounted showerheads are installed by simply unscrewing the existing showerhead and screwing on the new one.

One thing to consider during installation is to be gentle while unscrewing the old showerhead. If it is hard to remove, don’t force it. The showerhead could break and cause a leak in the plumbing. If you’re dealing with a stubborn showerhead, a pair of pliers and some WD-40 can do the trick.

Showerhead Facts:

  • Compatible with your existing plumbing
  • Inexpensive; some plastic models cost under $3
  • Some models include extra features like soft misting or a pulsing massage

2. Top-Mounted Showerheads

Top-mounted showers are also sometimes called rain showers since they are positioned directly above the bather’s head. While many find these relaxing, for those who spend their shower trying to avoid getting their hair wet, this can add to the challenge!

Top-mounted showerheads are sleek and stylish and make for an interesting feature in any bathroom. Installation isn’t exactly easy since installing a top-mounted showerhead usually requires upgrading your existing plumbing.

Top-Mounted Showerhead Facts:

  • A good option for a new home or a major bathroom renovation
  • Can be expensive; there are some cheaper models available online, but many top-rated options cost $200 or more, before installation costs
  • A potential solution for homes where low ceilings prevent the comfortable use of a standard wall-mounted showerhead

3. Hand-held Showerheads

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced than a standard wall-mounted showerhead or a top-mounted showerhead, consider a hand-held one. These showerheads come with a three-foot to a six-foot hose with a showerhead attached to the end. This makes things like bathing children or the family pet easier. It’s also great for individuals who may have mobility issues. Installation for hand-held showers is relatively simple.

Hand-held Showerhead Facts:

  • Compatible with your existing plumbing
  • Relatively inexpensive; some models start in the $30 range
  • Some models include extra features like soft misting or a pulsing massage
  • Some can be mounted on adjustable bars to accommodate different heights
  • A great option for families

4. Spa Shower Panels Or Body Sprays

Crave the spa experience at home? Spa shower panels are the answer. These allow you to recreate a relaxing hydrotherapy treatment at home. Spa shower panels are typically installed in vertical rows on adjacent walls in your shower. When you turn the water on, the shower panels provide a massaging water pattern that crisscrosses the bather’s body.

Installing spa shower panels usually requires upgrading your existing plumbing, which can drive up the cost.

Spa Shower Facts

  • A good option for a new home or a major bathroom renovation
  • Can be relatively inexpensive depending on the amount of plumbing work necessary; most panels start around $80
  • Shower panels are intended to hit the bathers body at the shoulders to the knees, so height should be taken into consideration during installation

Showerhead Features To Consider

Water Pressure

Water pressure is a priority for most homeowners looking to purchase a new showerhead – but most homeowners don’t realize a larger, high-volume showerhead isn’t always better. That’s why it’s important to know what your home’s water pressure is before purchasing a new showerhead.

Certain showerheads that offer more water pressure, require a higher pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure than their home might offer.

Large, high-volume showerheads for example, typically require at least 55 PSI, but not all home’s can accommodate this. For reference, the water pressure for most showerheads fluctuates between 40 and 50 PSI.

But how do you know what showerhead your home’s water pressure can handle? It’s simpler than you may think. Available at your local hardware store are small testers that screw onto the shower arm of your showerhead and determine your water pressure.

Water Volume

Paying attention to the amount of water a showerhead needs is also important when purchasing a new one. Showerheads that require less water are less likely to have issues with low water pressure and will save you money on your water bill.

The average showerhead uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute and old showerheads can use even more! While not necessary, consider researching showerheads that have the EPA WaterSense certification. This certification means these showerheads use two gallons per minute or less. According to the EPA, WaterSense certified showerheads can save the average homeowner almost 3,000 gallons of water each year.

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