How to Fix a Urinal that Keeps Overflowing

It’s safe to say that no one wants to deal with urinal problems. But if you own a business, restaurant, or other space that has a urinal, you know you can’t afford to put a urinal problem on the back burner.

This is especially true if your urinal is overflowing. Not only does this inconvenience your employees or customers, but excessive amounts of water where it doesn’t belong is never a good thing.

If you’re looking to troubleshoot an overflowing urinal before you call in a professional, here’s where to start.

How to Fix a Urinal that Keeps Overflowing

1. Clogged Urinal

The problem: The drain line is clogged.

Even though urinals are meant for liquids only, they can still become clogged. When the drain line clogs, the water has nowhere to go when the urinal is flushed, which can cause it to overflow.

The solution: Snake the drain line.

Snaking the drain line can help remove a small clog. If the urinal is a wall-mount urinal and the drain trap is exposed, remove the drain tap and snake the drain line.

If the urinal trap is an integral component, then the urinal would need to be removed from the wall so the line can be snaked and cleaned properly.

2. Worn Gasket

The problem: The gasket is worn out.

Gaskets work to create a seal between the urinal outlet and drain at the wall. Over time, the gasket can wear down, resulting in a small or significant leak.

The solution: Replace the gasket.

Gasket replacements cost around $5. Replacing the gasket is relatively simple, but you will need to remove the urinal from the wall. After removing the urinal, be sure to clean and dry the urinal horn before installing the new gasket to ensure a good seal.

From here, you place the new gasket onto the wall adapter. Depending on the make and model gasket you get, you will likely remove the seal from the gasket and then reinstall the urinal. This typically requires hanging the urinal on the hanger brackets and pivoting the urinal down until the seal makes contact.

Tighten the flange bolts and reconnect the flush valve, make any necessary adjustments, and turn on the water supply. Check for leaks and then your job is done.

3. Blocked Urinal

The problem: Build-up is blocking the flow.

Over time, build-up beyond a general clog can occur. A thick layer of crystalline build-up can block the flow of water, possibly causing your urinal to overflow.

The solution: Try a heavy-duty urinal descaler.

Sometimes a snake can’t get the job done. A periodic dose of muriatic acid may help remove build up within the urinal, but you’ll want to be careful if you try this. Another option is to try a heavy duty descaler which while dissolve uric acid and calcium deposits.

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