Toilet Gurgling & Bubbling

There are many things around your home that you’d expect to gurgle — a loved one getting ready for bed, your stomach right before a meal, or even water as it bubbles in preparation for pasta. But, one place you wouldn’t expect to hear gurgling noises is in your bathroom.

3 Reasons Your Toilet is Gurgling

Despite your toilet holding water, gurgling isn’t a noise that it should be making. What is the cause, and how can you fix it?

1. The sewer drain is clogged

Tree roots, debris, and odd items that have been flushed down the toilet can often cause a clog within the sewer drain of your plumbing. This clog causes water to push back up into your toilet. When water is forced back up, it can cause bubbling or gurgling sounds.

Unclogging the drain line isn’t as easy as clogging it. Using a plunger may not dislodge the clog if it’s too far down. Your second hope would be to use an augur. Also called a plumbing snake, a toilet auger can help unclog issues that are further down your toilet. If you aren’t able to resolve the clog by going through your toilet, try using the auger from the sewer cleanout. This is located outside of your home, but note that if your home was built before 1978, you might not have a sewer cleanout. If you’re unable to dislodge the clog yourself, you’ll need to call a plumber.

2. The vent stack is blocked

The vent stack goes through your roof and prevents sewer gas from back up into your home. It also helps the water in your plumbing flow smoothly. When the vent becomes clogged — due to bird nests, squirrels, leaves, or other debris — it acts as a finger over a straw, trapping the water inside and preventing its flow. The air caught in the plumbing pushes up through your toilet — causing the gurgling noises.

Use a ladder and safely and carefully climb onto your roof. The stack vent is typically a plastic or lead pipe protruding from your roof. Observe the pipe and clear away any debris that could be obstructing it. If you don’t see anything covering or plugging up the stack vent, call a plumber to get help diagnosing the issue.

3. The municipal sewer line is clogged

If you’re still experiencing gurgling noises after checking for clogs in the toilet and drain line, or blocks in the vent stack, go talk to your neighbors. Although rare, sometimes the city’s sewage pipes become clogged — due to the aforementioned odd items that get flushed down toilets. When this occurs, your neighbors will also experience gurgling noises.

If you and your neighbors are all hearing these sounds coming from the toilets, call your local municipal sewer authority and report it. They’ll send someone to diagnose the problem, and if the issue lies with the sewer main, they’ll usually cover the expenses of fixing it.

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