What Should and Shouldn’t Go in the Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal has an important job to do — eliminating food waste. It works by shredding food scraps into small pieces that won’t create plumbing clogs, ridding your home of kitchen messes and waste. But, your garbage disposal is not invincible. And, using it improperly can cause major inconveniences — like clogsleaks, and offensive odors. So, what exactly is safe to put down the garbage disposal? And, how do you know what could potentially damage this essential component?

What Can You Put Down the Garbage Disposal?

Before we list the various things you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal, you should know what is perfectly safe. When using your garbage disposal, you should always turn the water on while it’s operating. This helps to move food particles and prevent them from becoming stuck.

Things you can safely use the garbage disposal for include ice, scraps of fruit, cooked meat, and most vegetables. If you ever find yourself wondering whether or not something is safe to put down your garbage disposal, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is it a non-food item? Yes — unsafe for the garbage disposal.
  2. Is it biodegradable? Yes — safe for the garbage disposal.

What Can’t Go Down the Garbage Disposal?

Although your garbage disposal is a powerful tool, it’s also quite sensitive. For example, some vegetables can be put through the garbage disposal, but vegetables that are starchy or stringing can get stuck to the blades and cause a clog. That’s why you should save a list of things that shouldn’t be put down the garbage disposal to post next to your sink — reminding your family what can and can’t be disposed of.

20 Things You Should Never Put Down the Garbage Disposal

  1. Bones
  2. Coffee grounds
  3. Eggshells and shellfish
  4. Cooked noodles, quinoa, and rice
  5. Corn husks
  6. Banana peels
  7. Shredded lettuce
  8. Oatmeal
  9. Nuts and pits
  10. Onion skins
  11. Trash
  12. Celery
  13. Potato peels
  14. All fibrous vegetables and peels
  15. Fats, cooking oils, and grease
  16. Paper products
  17. Large food debris
  18. Cigarettes
  19. Harsh chemicals and drain cleaners
  20. Any non-food items

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