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Why is My AC Not Working?

Why is My AC Not Working?

As summer days drag on and temperatures remain consistently in the 90s — not to mention the head index — you might find yourself feeling thankful for the steady breeze of air conditioning. That is, until your AC’s not working.

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There are tons of reasons why your air conditioning might break, but returning your home to a comfortable temperature starts with knowing how your unit is acting and recognizing signs that something may be wrong with it. Is your AC running, but not blowing cold air? Is your air conditioner not turning on at all? Is your thermostat blank? These are just some of the ways your AC might break.

The AC is Running But Not Blowing Cold Air

If your air conditioning unit is blowing air, but it’s not cold, then your solution may be as easy as changing out the air filter. You should change your air filter at least every month depending on the quality of the screen you buy, and how many people or pets are staying in your home. Failing to change the air filter causes your system to clog and the coils to freeze. If this occurs over a long enough time, you can ruin your entire AC system.

Other reasons why your AC’s not working include:

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The AC Won’t Turn OnSansone AC

In some cases, your air conditioning unit might not turn on at all. There are multiple reasons for this, but one of the easiest to fix is making sure your thermostat is on the right settings. Check that your thermostat has power, is set to cool, and the set temperature is below the current temperature. In some cases, a clogged air filter might also be preventing your AC from turning on.

Other reasons why your AC’s not turning on include:

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The Thermostat is Blank

One of the main reasons why an AC might not turn on is because the thermostat lacks power, but that’s only one reason why your thermostat would be blank. Even easier than changing batteries is ensuring that your thermostat is turned on. Some thermostats have a default setting to turn off after a designated time to prevent the AC from running while nobody is home. Making sure your thermostat is on and set to hold can prevent this issue. It’s also possible in households with multiple people that someone got cold and simply turned it off.

Other reasons why your thermostat is blank include:

  • The LCD brightness display is too low
  • The batteries died
  • Dirt has gotten inside
  • A circuit breaker was tripped
  • The float switch was tripped
  • A fuse has been blown
  • It needs to be replaced

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