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Red Rooter Plumbing Services in Palm Beach County, FL

Sansone Air Conditioning has joined forces with Red Rooter Plumbing to expand our service offerings and service areas throughout Florida. With decades of combined industry experience, our team of licensed plumbers is equipped to handle all your plumbing needs. Whatever plumbing problem you have, you can count on us to get the job done right. Take a look below at what this partnership has to offer.

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Plumbing Repairs & Installations

We offer repair and installation services for various bathroom and kitchen appliances. We guarantee a quick response time and quality service every time.

Garbage Disposals

Whether your garbage disposal has a clogged pipe, allows water to back up in the sink, causes lingering odors from food waste, or has an internal water leak, our team can help improve its performance in no time.

Water Heaters

Maintain a steady hot water supply for showering, washing dishes, and doing laundry with hot water repairs. Reasons to schedule a water heater repair include:

  • No hot water
  • Not enough hot water
  • Low water pressure
  • Leaky tank
  • Noisy tank
  • Smelly water supply

If the damage is more extensive or your water heater has simply exceeded its lifespan, it’s time to install a new unit.


Is your toilet clogged, leaking, or constantly running? Save yourself the headache of figuring out what the problem is, and let our team provide the solution you need.

Burst Pipes

Whether you need to schedule a pipe repair to prevent costly water damage or schedule a pipe installation to fix water damage that has already occurred, we’ve got you covered.

Red Rooter Plumbing Van
Red Rooter Plumbing Van

Plumbing Inspections

A plumbing inspection involves sending a video camera-equipped cable down your drains to find the root cause of plumbing problems. These inspections allow us to address issues before they become catastrophic. Below are five reasons to book a plumbing inspection:

  • The toilet fills up when the sink runs
  • Multiple fixtures struggle to drain
  • Water backs up into other fixtures when the washing machine drains
  • The toilet doesn’t flush properly or is noisy
  • Dirty wastewater backs up in the bathtub or floor drains

Drain Cleaning

Routine drain cleaning keeps your drains free from hair, grease, food scraps, and other substances that easily form clogs to ensure water flows freely through the pipes. Common causes of drain clogs include:

  • Tree roots
  • Wipes
  • Hygiene products
  • Oil, fat, and grease
  • Hair
  • Mineral deposits


The repiping process involves replacing worn-out and/or damaged pipes to restore plumbing operation. Some pipes need to be replaced sooner than others, depending on what material they’re made of. It typically takes our team just a few days to complete a repiping project, so your family will be minimally inconvenienced.

Leak Detection

Nothing will keep you up at night like a drippy faucet. It doesn’t cause significant damage, but it can drive you crazy. It can also drive up your monthly water bill. Whether you have a pipe leak or a slab leak, our team will find the source of the drip and fix it ASAP to prevent further water damage.

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Sansone Air Conditioning has provided Florida homeowners with expert AC and plumbing services for over 45 years. If you find yourself in a plumbing pinch, we’ve got you covered with 24/7 emergency service and Red Rooter Plumbing. Book with us today to experience the Sansone difference.

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