Electrician South Florida

Electricity is a key factor when it comes to the comfort, safety and overall happiness in your home. Without it, your nights would be darker, your rooms would be hotter and your list of to-dos would be longer.

Think of all the major appliances and pieces in your home that require electricity—refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, dryers, garbage disposals, water heaters, lights and more. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one company you could rely on to service and repair all of these for you? Search no more: Sansone offers complete general electrical services to keep your home functioning as it should.

From assisting with electrical needs for remodels and new construction to lighting and design for both your home’s interior and exterior, Sansone is South Florida’s go-to for electrical installations and repairs for projects big and small.

Electrical Services We Provide

With some of the greatest experts in the field, combined with the best products in the industry, you can depend on Sansone for the following electrical services:

Breaker Panel Replacement: The breaker panel is essentially the heart of your home’s electric. Without it, your home’s electrical system wouldn’t be able to operate. Whether your breaker keeps tripping or needs a full replacement, we can help.

Electric Meter Box Replacement: The electric meter box on your property is a device that measures the amount of electric energy your household or business uses. Since this device is directly related to your energy bills, it’s important it works correctly. We replace electric meter boxes for South Florida residents.

Dimmer Switch Replacement: Dimmer switches provide an added level of convenience and ambiance for your home, but repairing or replacing them can be tricky. At Sansone, we provide dimmer switch replacements services for the following:

– LED dimmer switches
– Single pole LED dimmer switches
– Slide dimmers
– Touch dimmer switches
– Rheostat switches
– Universal dimmer switches
– 2, 3 and 4-way dimmer switches

Electrical Outlet Repairs: Whether your electrical outlet is loose or not working at all, our team provides electrical outlet repairs and replacements to keep your home functional and safe.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement: Bathroom exhaust fans help stop mildew formation and keep us comfy and dry after a shower. If yours is in need of replacing, we can help.

Light Fixture Installation: Wherever you’re adding a stylish light fixture in your home, our team provides quick and efficient light fixture installations.

Sconce Light Installation: Scones add a decorative touch to any room in your home, but installing them can be dangerous even if you know what you’re doing. Our team provides quick and efficient sconce light installation for a great price.

Smoke Detector Replacement Smoke detectors may be small, but they are mighty and can save your beloved family members in case of an emergency. But repairing or replacing your smoke detector isn’t always easy, which is why we provide quick and reliable smoke detector services.

Outdoor Wiring Installation: Outdoor lighting ups the ambiance of your property while making it safer too. If you’re in need of outdoor wiring installation services, we can help.

Outdoor Light Fixture Replacement: Have an outdoor light fixture that needs to be replaced? Give the Sansone team a call.

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