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Benefits of Air Purifiers

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Where do you go when you want to breathe fresh air? Do you go outside for a walk, or do you go sit in your living room in front of the TV?

We’ve always inherently known that the air quality outdoors is significantly superior to what’s inside our homes. And there are so many reasons for this: Our AC and heating system circulates the same air over and over again, including the dust particles in it.

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Many things can cause a home to have poor air quality. For example, if you have pets, you are very aware of how much they shed and of the joys of dander. If someone in your home smokes, you know that breathing in that toxicity is a far cry from going on a picnic in the Swiss Alps. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you know that dust mites can be vexing on a good day, or cause serious health issues in a worst-case scenario.

Are there any ways to make the air inside your home cleaner?

This question is important because air quality affects so many aspects of your home and health. To help you have the cleanest air possible, below is an explanation of how air purifiers work, along with a list of the benefits of installing one in your household.

How Air Purifiers Work

If you live in a city with excellent water quality, you drink it straight from the tap. If not, you rely on water filters to make your H2O potable. The same happens with air purifiers: They take whatever subpar oxygen from your home and filter it. All of that nastiness that you can’t see with the naked eye is gone.

The Top 5 Benefits of Air Purifiers

1. Better air quality means having a cleaner home

Air purifiers absorb dust and dust mites, meaning all that stuff that’s filtered in won’t be resting in corners or on your furniture. You’ll still have to clean regularly, but the amount of debris is greatly reduced.

2. Eliminates mold spores from the air

Finding out your home has mold is costly, time-consuming, and usually requires moving out of your home while the issue is resolved. However, HEPA air purifiers eliminate mold spores in your house.

3. Your home will smell better

Do you know how some homes have a distinctive smell? Maybe you have a neighbor whose house smells stuffy. Maybe your cousin Joe’s home smells like sweat and meatballs. Even clean homes can sometimes have this unpleasant issue. It’s unfortunate and it can be embarrassing when that’s what people know you for. Getting a good air purifier will solve this problem.

4. It absorbs allergens

Sneezing a lot can get very frustrating. It’s disruptive and uncomfortable, and less than ideal for other people in the room who end up breathing in sneeze particles. A good air purifier will help reduce the amount of allergens that cause people to sneeze in the first place.

An air purifier absorbs foreign substances floating in the air inside your home, thus reducing the amount of particles that trigger all that sneezing.

5. They keep your family healthy

HEPA air purifiers absorb airborne germs that cause colds and the flu. If you were on the fence about installing a purifier, this should be reason enough to help you decide to do so.

While air purifiers provide a lot of benefits, there are plenty of different models. Which one would benefit you the most will depend on your particular needs such as: How many people live in your home? Do you have any pets? Are there any smokers in your household? Does anyone suffer from allergies? Have you had mold issues before?

In the age of information and instant gratification, consumers are also bombarded with many options: Portable purifiers, HEPA air filtersozone generators, and electrostatic precipitators, to name a few.

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