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AC Services in Loxahatchee, FL

It gets hot in Loxahatchee and you need your air conditioning to work well every day. If yours isn’t cooling well or you try to turn it on and nothing happens, call us at Sansone Air Conditioning right away. Our Palm Beach County team will get an expert out to you fast to help you figure out the best way to get your Loxahatchee AC working again. Then we’ll get started and we won’t rest until you and your family are comfortable.

Our Loxahatchee AC Services

Our team offers a comprehensive line of AC services in Loxahatchee, FL. We’ll handle your air conditioning repair in Loxahatchee, no matter what happened to it. We can also help you select a brand new AC unit and get it installed for you, or we can install a unit you already have. Either way, we’ll make sure it’s working before we leave. Finally, we can maintain your air conditioner so it will run well for years to come.

Air Conditioning Repair in Loxahatchee

When it comes to air conditioning repair in Loxahatchee, there’s nothing we can’t do for you. We’ve worked on AC units for years, so we’ve seen everything they can throw at us. Just let us know when your AC breaks down and we’ll get an HVAC professional to your front door fast. Our team will stick with it until you are getting cool at home again.

Not sure if it’s time to call us? We recommend getting professional help for your AC repair in Loxahatchee, FL when:

  • It doesn’t turn on
  • It doesn’t switch off, or switches off and on so quickly that it doesn’t cool anything
  • It makes strange sounds
  • It only blows warm or warm-ish air
  • It seems to be leaking fluid
  • It is running normally but you’re still too hot at home

Call now and we’ll be there soon for your AC repair in Loxahatchee, FL. We promise to diagnose the problem accurately so we can fix it the first time.

Air Conditioning Installation

If it’s time for air conditioning installation in Loxahatchee, our team will make sure you get the best new AC unit for your needs. We’ll match it to your home and your usage patterns, then order it and install it for you as well. It won’t be long before you have the cool air you need to thrive in your home.

Not sure if now is the time for AC replacement? We recommend a new AC when:

  • Your current AC is more than 15 years old and is experiencing problems
  • Your current AC is broken and the cost to fix it is more than half the cost of a new unit
  • Your current AC needs repairs frequently
  • You’re hot at home no matter how well your air conditioner works

Our experts will get to you fast, ask you a few questions, then help you select a new air conditioner from a reliable manufacturer. We’ll install it for you, then test it to make sure it’s working well.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner can go far toward extending its lifespan and lowering your energy costs. Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! When we perform your AC maintenance in Loxahatchee, FL our goal is always to get that unit running efficiently. An efficient unit doesn’t have to work as hard and uses less energy, lowering your costs all the way around.

Our AC maintenance includes:

  • Testing each component of your AC and comparing it to the manufacturer’s specifications for the unit
  • Changing your filter/s
  • Cleaning dust and debris out of your AC unit
  • Visually inspecting your entire HVAC system

If we find any problems, we’ll work with you to get them fixed fast so you shouldn’t have to worry about your air conditioning this summer.

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If your air conditioning in Loxahatchee isn’t cooling well or you need AC repair or a replacement, contact us at Sansone Air Conditioning today. Call us as soon as you notice a problem so we can get to you quickly, identify the issue, and put the best possible solution in place before you get too hot at home. Make your appointment with one of our air conditioning experts now!

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