Sansone Energy Savings Club

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a comfortable home year-round without having to worry about repairing or maintaining your air conditioning system?

With the Sansone Energy Savings Club, you can.

The Sansone Energy Savings Club takes the guesswork and stress out of AC maintenance.

When you join the club, all you’ll have to do is schedule your routine maintenance appointments. We’ll handle the rest.

What’s Included?

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable year-round, you’ll want to depend on the leading HVAC expert for any air conditioning maintenance services.

At Sansone, not only are our technicians NATE certified, but our company has been awarded the Carrier® President’s Award six times, more than any other Carrier dealer in South Florida.

To uphold the quality of service you deserve, we offer the Sansone Energy Savings Club as the solution to all of your AC maintenance needs.

Benefits of Our AC Maintenance Program

Below are just a few of the many benefits you receive when you join the club today:

1. Lower Utility Bills: When your air conditioning system is properly maintained, it can function as efficiently as possible. This means that many homeowners start to experience lower utility bills.

2. Extended Equipment Life: When properly maintained, your air conditioning system can last upwards of 20 years. However, foregoing routine maintenance can seriously shorten the lifespan of your AC, sometimes by 10 years or more. Considering your air conditioning system is a huge home investment, you obviously want to get the most out of it.

3. Fewer Repairs and Reduced Likelihood of Emergency Calls: Your HVAC technician will be able to spot small problems and repair them before they escalate into bigger problems when you routinely maintain your system. Not only does this spare you from a catastrophic breakdown, but it saves money on repair costs in the long run.

4. 15% Discount on Repairs: Speaking of repairs, if you do ever need a repair, being a member of the Sansone Energy Savings Club is a huge perk and will get you a 15% discount.

5. Earn up to $50 per Year of Membership Towards a Replacement AC System: At Sansone, we’ve proudly served the South Florida community for more than 40 years. Some of our customers have been coming to us from the start. We love to give back to our loyal customers, which is why members of the Sansone Energy Savings Club can earn $50 a year toward a new air conditioning system when the time comes to replace your current AC.

6. Improved Indoor Air Quality: When it comes to keeping the air inside of your home clean, your air conditioning system is your biggest defense. But without routine maintenance, your system won’t be able to effectively filter out all of the pesky particles and pollutants that don’t belong in your home. An investment in routine maintenance is an investment in your home’s overall health.

7. Priority Scheduling: Need air conditioning or heating service fast? No problem. Our Sansone Energy Savings Club members get priority scheduling whenever they need service.

8. Fully Transferable Contract: Thinking about moving soon? We understand that life can change unexpectedly, which is why our contract is completely transferable. No questions asked.

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