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2017 Florida AC Energy Efficiency Requirements

2017 Florida AC Energy Efficiency Requirements

What Is the Minimum SEER Rating in Florida?

2017 Update: As of July 2017, the current Federal SEER requirement for Florida is 14, however authorities are working to increase this.

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The rating was most recently updated in 2015. The old minimum SEER rating requirement on a new AC installation before 2015 was 13 SEER, but the new Florida SEER rating requirements increased the minimum to 14 SEER.

Current proposals could see the rating raised to 16 SEER, however nothing has been confirmed as of the most recent update.

What Does This Mean for South Florida Homeowners?

Most single family homes do not have issues fitting newer, high-efficiency equipment, but we expect older style homes and condos to be affected most. Condos with small indoor air handler spaces, or with more than one unit installed near each other outside, can expect issues. If you’ve yet to upgrade your AC system, you could be failing to meet these requirements!

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