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Facts About Air Conditioning

Facts About Air Conditioning

If you live in Florida, you love your air conditioning — especially during the summertime. But, how much do you know about air conditioning or its history? Our team has compiled a list of the coolest facts about air conditioning to share with you and your family. Be sure to let us know which fact you enjoyed most!

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5 Cool Facts About Air Conditioning

1. AC Was Not Initially Invented for Cool Homes

Air conditioning was not initially invented to provide the comfort we know and love. Back in 1902, Willis Carrier worked as an engineer at a publishing company. During the summertime, he noticed the rampant heat and humidity caused the paper to expand — which resulted in several printing problems. To combat this issue, he came up with ideas for the first factory-scale coolers — which in turn paved the way for the invention of air conditioners as we know them today.

2. Before AC People Used Ice Blocks to Keep Cool

While you may enjoy ice cubes in your cocktails nowadays, you would’ve relied on ice for more than just chilled beverages before the invention of AC. That’s because prior to AC units, households used huge blocks of ice to keep cool.

3. Without the Invention of AC, Florida May Have Never Been Inhabited

If there’s one thing we can all agree on here in Florida, it’s that the heat can be downright dreadful — especially during the summer months. Dare I say most of us might not want to live in Florida without AC? When home air conditioning became more common, the populations of warmer states grew substantially — which played a huge part in Florida becoming the third most populous state in the nation.

4. Air Conditioning Helps Reduce Allergies

While air conditioners are most renowned for their ability to keep your home cool and comfortable, they also help remove allergens and other debris from the air — minimizing allergy flare-ups.

5. The White House Did Not Have AC Until 1929

President Herbert Hoover requested an AC system be installed in The White House in 1929. He spent $30,000 on the AC system, just months after the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

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