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Why Is My Air Conditioner Vibrating?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Vibrating?

Is your air conditioning vibrating? Whether it’s new or old, an AC unit should never rattle and vibrate.

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A vibrating air conditioner indicates something has gone wrong with the unit. To address the problem will require the services of an HVAC professional. If you ignore the AC unit vibrating, you risk it turning into a more costly fix later on.

Potential Causes of a Vibrating AC Unit

The AC vibrating can be noisy and mean further damage is occurring to the unit. You’ll want to investigate the cause as soon as possible and if needed, contact an HVAC professional to resolve the issue.

Here are several possible reasons why your air conditioner is vibrating: 

The AC Unit is Dirtyac unit after fixing vibrating noise

One of the most common reasons behind air conditioning vibrating is foreign objects. Dirt and debris can accumulate within the unit and affect the mechanical components that need to work together to keep the AC unit running at peak efficiency.

You can clean your AC unit by:

  • Spraying the external unit with a hose
  • Changing the filter
  • Removing any visible debris

You can also help reduce your energy bill by cleaning your air conditioner often. When it’s dirty, it has to work harder to keep your home cool, which can lead to it shaking. This simple AC maintenance step can translate to cost savings in the future by preventing more costly issues from arising.

Loose or Detached Panels

When the panels on the AC unit aren’t secure, it can cause loud rattling. This loud rattling is often due to the screws and bolts that have loosened. The HVAC unit creates slight vibrations while it’s running, which can loosen the nuts and bolts over time. If this is the issue, then simply tightening the screws and bolts should stop the AC unit from vibrating.

An HVAC expert will be able to determine whether loose screws and bolts are the culprits or if it’s something else with an inspection.

Other Mechanical Problems

Your HVAC unit is made up of many different mechanical components. When one of these stops working, it affects the entire unit as a whole. Potential mechanical parts that can stop working include:

The compressor

  • The motor fan blade or fan motor
  • The blower wheel

When it’s a mechanical issue, you’ll want to turn to an HVAC technician for AC repair. There are potential safety risks in trying to fix a mechanical problem yourself. On top of that, many manufacturers will invalidate their warranty if anyone but a qualified HVAC technician works on the AC unit.

Air Conditioning Repair with Sansone

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