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Dirty Sock Syndrome

Dirty Sock Syndrome

Does your air conditioning system make your home smell like a locker room? If so, you’re likely experiencing the negative side effects of dirty sock syndrome.

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What is Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Dirty sock syndrome, also known as stinky sock syndrome, gets its name from — you guessed it — the unpleasant odor the condition causes. Luckily, although an unfortunately smelly issue, dirty sock syndrome is easy to fix with a little AC know-how. From causes to fixes, here’s everything you need to know about dirty sock syndrome:

Causes of Dirty Sock Syndrome

What causes dirty sock syndrome in the first place? Put simply, our air conditioning systems get a significant amount of use during the summer months. This can cause ice to build up on the coils within the system. Although this is common, the wet area can attract bacteria, mold, and the like.

For the most part, homeowners are unaware of this issue until the ice begins to thaw down the road. As the ice defrosts and the air is blown over the coils, a musty smell can be carried and dispersed throughout the rooms of your home.

How to Fix Dirty Sock Syndrome

There are typically two ways to fix dirty sock syndrome: professional duct cleaning and preventive maintenance. If your air conditioning system is already afflicted by dirty sock syndrome, a professional cleaning with an AC technician will be able to remedy the issue. However, it’s important to note that in certain extreme cases, you may need to replace your air conditioning system if the problem is severe.

How to Prevent Dirty Sock Syndrome

Considering your air conditioning system is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home, stopping dirty sock syndrome before it occurs is one of the best things you can do. Scheduling a maintenance appointment with a professional air conditioning company twice per year is the easiest way you can keep your AC system functioning as efficiently as possible while keeping dirty sock syndrome at bay.

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