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Do Decorative Air Vent Covers Affect AC?

Do Decorative Air Vent Covers Affect AC?

A central air conditioning system has many important components — the evaporator coil, compressor, condenser coil, expansion valve, air ducts — and last but not least, the supply and return vents. But, what exactly do supply and return air vents do? And, is it safe to spruce them up using decorative air vent covers?

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Supply Vents

Supply vents work by distributing the cold air flowing from your AC through your ductwork and into the rooms of your home. These vents are usually smaller than return vents and are located on the outer walls, ceiling, floors, or under windows. You can tell the difference between supply and return vents because when your AC is running, you’ll feel the air coming out of your supply vent.

Return Vents

Return vents are usually larger than supply vents and help control the airflow throughout your home. They are typically located in every room, on interior walls. It’s important to make sure your return vents are not blocked by furniture or drapery, as any obstructions will restrict airflow — causing uneven temperatures and problems with your AC’s efficiency. Some homes — built before central ac existed — only have one big return vent, but the optimal setup is to have several throughout the house.

Vent Covers or Grilles

Supply and return vents can’t just be empty holes in your walls or flooring — they need to be fitted with air vent covers. Air vent covers are essential for properly directing airflow to rooms and ensuring your home is cooling to the programmed temperature on the thermostat. Vent covers also work in conjunction with your air filters to remove impurities from the air such as dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants.

Do Decorative Air Vent Covers Affect Your AC?

One form of vent covers are decorative air vent covers. But, does the style of an air vent cover affect your AC? Air vent covers come in a variety of designs to help fit in with your home’s décor. As long as they’re properly sized and secured, decorative air vent covers do not negatively affect AC efficiency. Decorative air vent covers are an excellent way to easily upgrade the look and feel of your home. They are easy to install and are a perfect DIY home improvement project.

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