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How Does Central Air Conditioning Work?

How Does Central Air Conditioning Work?

Central air conditioning might just be one of the most underrated home investments. Without our beloved AC, life would be unbearable in the Sunshine State. But have you ever wondered how central air conditioning works? Read on to learn more about central air conditioning, as well as some helpful answers to common questions our technicians get asked by homeowners about AC.

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How Central Air Conditioning Systems Work

We all know that central air conditioning helps keep our homes cool and reduces humidity levels. But how?

Put simply, by transferring heat from the air located inside your home to the outside, your air conditioning system works to retain the conditioned and cooled air inside, allowing it to be recirculated. Using electricity as its power source, the compressor inside of an air conditioning system pumps coolant or refrigerant, back and forth to gather heat and moisture from indoors. Warm air from inside of your home is blown over the cooling coil, which is connected to the compressor, and then pumped back into your home.

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