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Benefits of UV Light for Your HVAC System

Benefits of UV Light for Your HVAC System

UV light is one of the most damaging rays for the skin and is known as one of the leading causes of skin cancer. However, while UV light is harmful to the skin, it provides powerful benefits when used inside your HVAC system.

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For years, hospitals have been using UV light to kill contaminants quickly, but why should the benefits be restricted to businesses like hospitals? By buying an HVAC system with UV light, or installing UV light into your existing system, you can experience three powerful advantages.

3 Benefits of UV Lights for Your Air Conditioner

Here are the top three reasons you need UV lights for your HVAC system.

1. UV light increases airflow

UV light prevents buildups caused by dirt and dust, which means your air filters will last longer and your system won’t clog as easily. Dust, debris, and other air particles get trapped in the air filter, ducts, and vents of your system, but this is reduced with UV lighting. The result is better and cleaner airflow.

Part of the reason that dirt and dust build-up is because of the moisture that your system extracts from the air to cool your home. This moisture can combine with dirt and clog your condensate drain line. UV light also reduces moisture, alleviating clogs, and increasing the efficiency of your airflow.

2. UV light improves air quality

In addition to reducing dirt and debris to provide cleaner airflow, think back to how the medical industry uses it.

Do UV lights kill mold?

UV light kills mold and bacteria that can grow on your coils, air filter, and more.

By using UV light in your air conditioner, you can also remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are distributed from sprays and other cleaning chemicals. Over time, VOCs can cause buildup and clog the condensate drain line. As your air conditioner removes all of these harmful particles, you’ll experience cleaner air quality that will have allergy sufferers rejoicing.

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3. UV light is a cost-effective solution

By improving airflow and air quality, UV light helps reduce energy by up to 35%. Improved efficiency means a lower impact on the environment and more green in your pocket. That also translates to boosting the value of your home. Homes with UV light air conditioning units are more desirable because of the health and air quality benefits.

And, because your unit doesn’t have as much moisture or get clogged up with dirt and debris, you can extend the life of your AC unit. Paired with routine maintenance, UV light eliminates the common symptoms that cause your AC system to break down. By extending the life of your unit, you can add even more bang for your buck.

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