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Ideal Thermostat Setting for a Party

Ideal Thermostat Setting for a Party

If you live by yourself, you know very well the ideal home temperature to keep you comfortable. If you live with either roommates or family members, you’re very aware of the reality of thermostat wars.

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But what happens when you host a party? Even if you’ve figured out that magic number to keep a group of people happy, social events bring in even more people, which can make a comfortable environment start to feel warm.

So what’s the ideal thermostat setting for a party?

Below are several things you can do to make sure that everyone feels comfortable at your shindig:

1. Do a Home Energy Audit

This type of audit will check for leaks around doors and windows and whether your home insulation is the most adequate for energy efficiency. One of the benefits of getting this done is saving money on your monthly energy bills, and you can either do it yourself or hire a professional to take care of it for you.

2. Perform Routine Maintenance to Your AC in Advance

This is the only way to make sure that it’s cooling properly and that you won’t have any issues that may result in troubleshooting in the middle of your party. When you do this, make sure you:

By doing this, you’ll maximize airflow efficiency, which everybody wants when there are lots of people together in one place. Just remember to turn off the AC before you do any of the activities listed above. To make sure that everything is operating properly, have an HVAC professional do routine checks at least once a year.

3. Consider Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Preparing for parties typically involves running around with last minute errands. Without fail, there will be another bag of ice to buy or an issue with the catering. With a programmable thermostat there will be no worries about rushing through your door to get ready and forgetting to lower the temperature on the thermostat before the first guests arrive.

By installing a programmable thermostat, you can preset it to lower itself an hour or so before the party, and return to your preferred setting around the time you think most guests will be gone. Bonus – the benefits would outlast the party: by using it year-round, you could save up to 10% on your energy bills. Also, if you’re a DIY kind of person, you could easily learn how to install one on your own.

4. Consider Getting a Humidistat

They’re reasonably priced and the service they provide is valuable: Monitoring the humidity levels in your home.

Even if your party will be a one-time event or something that you only host once in a blue moon, it’s still worth considering a humidistat. It would significantly reduce the chances of mold growing in your home.

5. On Party Night, Set the Temperature to a Range Between 60 and 70 Degrees

And don’t lose any sleep over it. No matter how hard you try, someone is going to be cold, and someone is going to be hot. As a guideline, you can follow the suggestion of the Department of Energy: This means setting your thermostat to the high sixties when it’s cold outside and in the seventies in the harrowing summer months. That said, considering that we’re in Florida and it can be as hot as a day in blazes, adjust accordingly.

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