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Why You Should Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned

Why You Should Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned

Do you consider your home a safe haven? While many of us assume our humble abodes are safer than the outside world, the air in the average home can be far more polluted than the air outside — which is why making an effort to reduce indoor air pollution is so important.

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When it comes to reducing indoor air pollution in your home, your air conditioning and heating system is your first line of defense. But to keep the air in your home clean and safe to breathe, your HVAC system needs to be functioning as efficiently as possible. While changing your air conditioning filter each month and scheduling regular maintenance check-ups can help, keeping the air ducts clean is an important (and often overlooked) piece of the puzzle.

When Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Your lungs function to deliver oxygen to your body, and similarly, your air ducts function to deliver air throughout the rooms of your home. Over time, however, your air ducts can accumulate a significant amount of dust and debris, including mold growth, vermin and more.

While you should have your air conditioning system maintained by a professional at least twice per year, there is no recommended timeframe to have your air ducts cleaned. For good measure, many homeowners choose to have their air ducts cleaned once every three to five years. However, if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, you should consider scheduling a professional air duct cleaning.

– Is there significant mold growth inside the air ducts?

– Are the air ducts clogged with dust and debris?

– Are there insects, rodents or other vermin inside the air ducts?

– Did you just move into a new home?

– Do your allergies worsen when you are in your home?

– Have you recently remodeled your home or had any new construction?

– Have you had any smoke or fire damage?

How Does the Duct Cleaning Process Work?

At Sansone, we use the Rotobrush air duct cleaning process to remove dust and debris. With the Rotobrush, our trained technicians can easily maneuver through your air ducts, cleaning hard-to-reach places. The Rotobrush has a powerful vacuum system, as well as a hose and brush system, which allows us to remove years of dust and debris from your air ducts, ultimately reducing the amount of dust and debris within the air in your home. Even better, the equipment and techniques we use are safe and won’t damage your duct work.

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