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At Sansone, we’re proud to be an exclusive dealer for the innovative “Talking Thermostat.” Combining all of the efficiency benefits of a programmable thermostat with special features that make it one of the most user-friendly products around, the talking thermostat is a terrific gift for loved ones who are elderly, visually impaired or just not at all tech-savvy.

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Ease of use is the Talking Thermostat’s calling card. Just hit the “report” button, and the thermostat will announce the current day, time, room temperature, setpoint, and any programming instructions. Hit the up and down buttons, and it will announce the new temperature setting in addition to displaying it on the screen–the oversized LCD characters. This large number thermostat, by the way, is great for users who are farsighted or have other vision issues, making a very easy to read thermostat for the elderly. Help is just a press of the “help” button away, and the smart thermostat will also give you our phone number if there’s an issue you just can’t figure out.

Like any programmable thermostat, the Talking Thermostat allows you to set temperature levels ahead of time to, for instance, turn the AC down when you’re out of the home during the summer months. Use separate weekday and weekend settings to keep the house warm when you’re at work and cool when you’re at home. Remember that you can always manually override the unit without messing with any of its programming. Talking Thermostats are especially handy for vacation homes because there’s no need to worry about turning the air or heat off when you leave.

The Talking Thermostat really shines through, though, when it comes to routine AC maintenance. You’ll get regular reminders to change the filter in your AC unit. A dirty filter will, at minimum, make your air conditioner work quite a bit less efficiently, which means you’ll pay more every month for electricity. Worse, dirty air filters can cause a variety of maintenance issues such as freezing and reduce the indoor air quality. Those monthly reminders will go a long way toward helping your air conditioner last longer and cool your home more effectively.

Talking Thermostats come with a number of security features to keep your home’s heating and cooling running at peak efficiency. For instance, you can use a password to lock out unauthorized users such as children or guests in your home. There’s a warning if the unit’s battery is low and another if the temperature sinks below a certain level. In the event of a power outage, the Talking Thermostat saves all of your settings, so you’ll be ready to go as soon as the power comes back on.

At Sansone, we offer one Talking Thermostat model for conventional gas, oil, and electric systems and a second option for heat pump systems. Either option comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll be all set in the rare event that something goes wrong. We’ll also perform thermostat installation!

Upgrading to a Talking Thermostat could be just the thing your home needs, improving your ease of use and energy efficiency. Give us a call at (413) 200-4203 to learn more.

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