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If you live in Broward County, you need a functioning air conditioner. After all, you don’t want to be without air conditioning in Pompano Beach for very long in the kind of heat we get around here. That’s why, at Sansone Air Conditioning, we take every maintenance, installation, and AC repair in Pompano Beach seriously. Our team knows you need cooling power and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen for you no matter what it takes. We’re the Pompano Beach AC Company you need to stay cool all summer long, give us a call today.

Our AC Service in Pompano Beach

Our complete line of AC service in Pompano Beach – including AC repair, AC replacement, AC installation, and AC maintenance – means that you will never have to worry about your AC again. Simply give us a call and we will be there soon to do whatever it takes to get your air conditioning in Pompano Beach blowing cool air again.

Call now – or whenever you need AC service in Pompano Beach – and our team will show you how easy it can be to get cool at home again. We’ll handle everything so you won’t have to worry anymore!

Air Conditioning Repair

No matter what you need for AC repair in Pompano Beach, our team has you covered. We have worked on a wide variety of air conditioners solving every problem you can think of, so there’s nothing we can’t do for you. Call us, then sit back and relax, because our skilled professional HVAC team will have your air conditioning system working again soon.

We fix all types of AC problems, including:

  • Air conditioners that won’t turn on
  • Air conditioners that turn on but blow warm air
  • Air conditioners that won’t turn off, or that go off and on so fast the unit can’t cool the home
  • Air conditioners that make odd sounds
  • Air conditioners that seem to work fine, but aren’t cooling effectively

Just pick up the phone and we’ll be there soon. Our reliable team will have your AC repair in Pompano Beach completed fast so you have a working AC unit again in no time!

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

We can handle your air conditioning installation in Pompano Beach, FL. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the very best air conditioning unit for your needs, no matter what. We start by asking you a few questions so we can match you with a reliable unit. We’ll consider the size of your home, your AC usage patterns, your energy saving preferences, and more.

You may need a new AC if:

  • Your old one needs repairs that cost more than half of what a new unit would cost
  • Your old one needs frequent repairs
  • Your old one needs parts or coolant that can no longer be obtained at a reasonable cost
  • You aren’t getting cool at home because your current AC is too small or too old

When we handle your AC installation in Pompano Beach, FL, we’ll test the unit as we go, and when we’re finished to ensure optimal cooling functionality for you and your family.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance in Pompano Beach helps it work efficiently. This means that you will save money on energy costs. It also saves you wear and tear on your air conditioning unit so you may not have to replace it as often. Finally, it can help you get more cold air into your home, all while using less energy! It’s a win all the way around!

Every AC maintenance visit we do includes:

  • A complete visual inspection of your HVAC system
  • Removing dust and debris from the AC unit
  • Changing your filters
  • Testing every part of your air conditioner to make sure it’s all working well

Call us at Sansone Air Conditioning to schedule your AC maintenance in Pompano Beach today. We’ll have an expert at your front door soon to help you care for your unit and keep it running for many years.

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If you’re looking for an AC company in Pompano Beach that will go above and beyond your expectations, call our technicians at Sansone Air Conditioning. Family-owned and operated since 1976, we have provided top-notch customer service to over 100,000 homes. Whether you need a brand new AC or AC repair in Pompano Beach, we can help make your home comfortable year-round. Call us today!

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