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What Is the Difference Between HVAC and AC?

What Is the Difference Between HVAC and AC?

When you live in Florida, investing in an air conditioning system is kind of a big deal.

But with all of the technical jargon that comes along with buying a new air conditioning system, doing so can be downright frustrating.

Although air conditioning research isn’t exactly fun, it’s important to understand the basic components of this very important system that will (hopefully) keep your home cool and comfortable for years to come.

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Not sure where to start?

Here’s one of the most common HVAC questions we get from homeowners, debunked.


As South Florida’s premier air conditioning service providers, we get a lot of questions. One of the most frequent ones we get is what is the difference between AC and HVAC?

Put simply, these acronyms are one and the same.

While AC is short for air conditioning, HVAC is short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

These two acronyms tend to be used interchangeably to describe any air conditioning or heating device, whether it’s a window unit or a central system.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to investing in an air conditioning and heating system, there are lots of options. We’ll break down the most common here:

1. Window units

Window units are small air conditioning units that sit in — you guessed it — windows.

These units are small but mighty, although they are best when used in small spaces like a studio apartment or add-on. Window units are the cheapest cooling option out there and typically cost a few hundred dollars.

2. Central air conditioning

Central air conditioning systems are the most common way homeowners cool and heat their homes.

These systems include an outdoor and indoor component connected by a series of intricate ductwork.

Although central air conditioning systems are a large investment, these systems are extremely effective and, when properly maintained, can last up to 20 years.

3. Mini split systems

Mini split systems work similarly to central air conditioning systems minus the ductwork.

These systems are appealing because they tend to be better looking than other options and don’t require intricate ductwork to be installed.

Air Conditioning Installation in South Florida

Investing in a new air conditioning system for your home is typically no simple task, but at Sansone, we want to make things as easy as possible.

If you’re not sure which air conditioning system is right for your home, we’d love to help.

We’ll determine the best options for your home based on your comfort preferences and budget and provide seamless installation.

Contact us today to learn more about us or ask any air conditioning questions you might have.

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