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How Often Should You Change UV Light Bulbs?

How Often Should You Change UV Light Bulbs?

-You already know the benefits of installing a UV light in your air conditioning system. But what happens after the UV light is installed? How often should you change your UV light bulbs? Should you wait until they burn out?

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These are all good questions, and ones we get frequently from South Florida homeowners. Check out our UV FAQ for everything you need to know about keeping the air clean in your home.

How Often Should I Change My UV Light Bulbs?

There is no black-and-white answer for this one since every home and air conditioning system is different. Ultimately, how often you should change your UV light bulbs depends on how you are using your system. For good measure, we recommend that those using their UV lamps in a home or small office replace the light bulbs every 9,000 hours or about every 12-months.

Are There Exceptions?

Yes. If someone in your home or office has a respiratory condition or any acute sensitivities, we recommend changing the UV light bulbs more often.

What If My UV Lamp Hasn’t Burned out Yet?

Even if your UV lamp hasn’t burned out yet, we still recommend replacing it as posted above. Although the UV lamp might not be completely burned out, if it is nearing the end of its life, it won’t be able to efficiently remove germs. In fact, after the first year of use, nearly all UV lamps will have lost at least half of their germicidal effectiveness.

What If I’m Not Home That Often?

Some homeowners won’t need to worry about changing the UV light bulbs as often as others. For example, if your UV lamp is installed in an air conditioning system in a vacation home or another secondary residence where it’s not used regularly, you can wait for up to two years before replacing the UV light bulbs.

We recommend that all UV light bulbs be replaced every three years – no matter how often they are used.

What Should I Do When It’s Time to Replace the UV Light Bulbs?

If your UV lamp has reached the three-year mark, turn off the system until the UV light bulb is replaced. At this point, the UV lamp has minimal (if any) effectiveness and it is just wasting energy. Excessive energy use will not only increase your overall energy costs, but it can lead to a complete system failure.

Where Do I Get Replacement UV Lamps?

You can get replacement UV lamps on our indoor air quality products page. You can always conveniently schedule an appointment online and one of our trained technicians will install the UV lamp for you.

UV Lamp Services for Your HVAC System in South Florida

If you’re in need of UV lamp services for your air conditioning system in the South Florida area, the Sansone team is here to help. We provide a variety of services for your HVAC system. Whether you need a new UV lamp installed or are looking to learn more about the benefits of UV lamps, contact us today to learn more.
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