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Common Signs of Air Duct Leaks

Expert Tips
Your HVAC system is complex and does a lot for your home. It has several key components that all work together to supply your Florida home with the cool air you crave after being out and about on a hot…

How to Keep Energy Bills Low While Working From Home

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As our country’s economy gradually reopens after being shut down from COVID-19, many Americans who are able to work from home are continuing to do so. While working from home has many perks, it can also present some unique challenges…

Do Decorative Air Vent Covers Affect AC?

Expert Tips
A central air conditioning system has many important components — the evaporator coil, compressor, condenser coil, expansion valve, air ducts — and last but not least, the supply and return vents. But, what exactly do supply and return air vents…

Does Closing Air Vents Save Money?

Expert Tips
Like most fiscally responsible homeowners, you’re determined to try new things in order to cut costs. Perhaps you’ve considered a new way to cut energy costs by closing AC vents in unused rooms. While doing so may seem like a…
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Spring AC Maintenance

Expert Tips
With spring’s rising temperatures and increased humidity, your AC is working harder to cool your home. Because of this, it needs to be maintained in order to ensure your home remains cool and comfortable. But, what can you do for…

AC Fan Not Spinning

Expert Tips
As a Florida resident, you rely on your air conditioner for many things — to keep your home cool during brutally hot days, to keep the humidity out, and to protect your home from mold growth. So when you start…