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Common Thermostat Issues That Can Cause HVAC Problems

Common Thermostat Issues That Can Cause HVAC Problems

Your thermostat is an important part of your home’s comfort. It’s responsible for gauging your home’s temperature and working with your HVAC unit to ensure it’s cooling or heating effectively. But, sometimes your thermostat can do more harm than good. Learn about the most common thermostat issues linked to HVAC problems.

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5 Common Thermostat Issues That Lead to HVAC Problems

1. Thermostat in Bad Location

Proper thermostat placement is critical for ensuring the operation and efficiency of your HVAC system. Consider where your thermostat is located. Is your thermostat in a bad location, like in a spot where it’s receiving direct sunlight? If your thermostat is located in an area of your home that receives too much heat, it will misread your home’s temperature to be much warmer than it really is. As a result, your system will overwork itself, running constantly to reach the desired temperature.

Is your thermostat above or near an air vent? This too can skew your thermostat’s ability to correctly read your home’s temperature, as it will be too close to the cooled or heating incoming air. Incorrect thermostat placement puts a strain on your unit — driving up energy costs and increasing the frequency of AC repairs — which ultimately shortens your system’s lifespan. To learn more about the ideal thermostat placement for your South Florida home, contact us today.

2. Improper Thermostat Installation

While there are many DIY HVAC projects you can safely challenge yourself with, installing a thermostat is not one of them. Unless you have professional experience installing thermostats, the best way to ensure proper installation is to let a professional HVAC technician take care of it for you. Incorrect thermostat wiring can cause a lot of serious problems — like damage to your HVAC unit, electrical system, and the thermostat itself.

3. Thermostat Batteries are Low

Some thermostats are powered by batteries, which depending on the make and model, can last anywhere between three months and five years. When thermostat batteries are low, you will be notified via a low power warning on the system’s display screen. Failing to replace the batteries will result in the thermostat dying and shutting off the power to your HVAC system. This is because when thermostat batteries are low or dead, the temperature is unable to be monitored and controlled — leaving you stuck with an AC that won’t turn on until the batteries are replaced.

4. Old Thermostat

As with most systems and appliances, old age can lead to more operating issues. The average lifespan for a thermostat is around 10 years. Once your thermostat is past its prime, it’s more susceptible to problems caused by aged wiring and dust accumulation. Fortunately, HVAC technicians can quickly replace your thermostat with a new model. Replacing a thermostat also offers you the opportunity to upgrade to one of the more modern thermostats, like programmable and smart thermostats, which will make saving energy easier while remaining comfortable in your South Florida home.

5. A Multi-Zone Thermostat is Needed

Is one room in your house always hotter than the others? Do you find certain rooms in your house to feel unbearably stuffy? While an incorrectly sized HVAC system and other factors could be to blame, it might be due to the wrong type of thermostat installed. While most condos, apartments, and small to medium-sized homes are capable of efficiently utilizing one thermostat, larger homes typically require a different solution — multi-zone control systems, or a multi-zone thermostat system. This is because large homes and properties with two or more levels often encounter comfort and efficiency issues when only one thermostat is in place.

Does this sound like your situation? If so, a multi-zone thermostat system may be a worthwhile investment. With a multi-zone thermostat, you’re able to control temperatures in different areas of your house, which helps increase comfort and HVAC efficiency. To learn more about setting up a multi-thermostat system for your South Florida home, contact us today.

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Thermostat Installation in South Florida

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